Saturday, January 31, 2009

Decluttering the Mustard

In my post from yesterday, I didn't give the main reason why I am a little OCD about buying the freshest foods at the grocery store (even if it's dog treats). The real reason is because the fresher it is, the longer I'll be able to keep it before I have to throw it away. Oye.

Today, being a depressing Saturday since there were no yardsales, I made myself do a few chores around the house. First thing I did was boil some potatoes to make potato salad to have with dinner. I know the recipe calls for dry mustard but I just give it a few squirts of good ole French's. The classic yellow mustard was looking pretty brown so I figured since it was time to break out a "new" bottle. I grabbed a bottle from the pantry that I've had for a while and broke the seal on it and looked inside. It too looked brown. Matter of fact, it looked solid enough that I could have actually cut the mustard. groan. Then I read the back telling about a contest to enter - deadline 09/04. Into the sink it went (to rinse out the bottle for recycling). Then onto the next bottle of mustard - finally I hit a good bottle (I think I bought it recently with triple coupons at Shoppers Food Warehouse).

Then I got to looking at the mustard bottle that I've been using probably since the millennium. We don't go thru a lot of yellow mustard here at the castle. The ultimate condiment is ketchup, so no need for me to use yellow mustard on a hotdog or hamburger. And DH uses Guldens. And Jacob is living life without the use of either ketchup or mustard. I wonder if French's even makes bottles like this (on the right) anymore. Maybe I should save it as a future collectible. I just know 30 years from now I'll be able to sell it for .99 on eBay.

I know sometimes I'm wasteful in my excessive shopping. But I know for instance - that mustard that I threw away, I'm sure I paid next to nothing for it (using coupons). I still think it's better to have it and not need it, rather than needing it and not having it and having to go out and buy it at full price. Well anyway that is my justification.


Another job I did today was some minor remodeling to my Spongebob bathroom. You know I am always trying to find ways to add storage to my life. A few weeks ago at Smile I bought a new in package bathroom shelf for $2. (I installed it a little high on purpose). And I had previously also bought a soap dish with removable glass insert for $1. I figured I could use it for small item storage, like jewelry, etc, not soap since I use liquid soap.

The store clearance price was $4.00 - but the thrift store price sticker (in orange) was $2.00

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zakary said...

Your bathroom is so cute. Nice score with the shelf.

I can't believe Jacob doesn't use ketchup or mustard! Zoe LOVES the ketchup.