Saturday, January 24, 2009

$70 richer

I've gotten $70 whole dollars richer in just the past day. Yesterday I went out to lunch with a friend to Lone Star (used a coupon of course) and then afterward I stopped at a car dealership for a free $20 cash. They sent a letter saying "give us 20 minutes and we'll give you $20" to stop in and look at new cars and figure out how much your trade would be worth. Only downfall now is that they have my telephone # and will probably be calling soon. I love my car and don't want a new one. I bought it new in 2005, so it's still pretty new anyway.

Then today I made $50 on something I sold to a guy on Craigslist. It was several school awards (they were metal medals - haha) from this area, dating back to 1929. I found them in a freebie box at a yardsale back in the fall. In that same freebie box, was a vintage Washington Redskins belt buckle that I sold on eBay for $25.

And this week I did some double $2 coupon shopping at Kmart (a $2 coupon was worth $4). And I even bought some items without using coupons. Christmas stuff was 90% off and I found an American Idol Christmas ornament for .99 (Original price $9.99. You press a button and it says "THIS is American Idol". And a Martha Stewart Russian nesting doll ornament. Thankfully it doesn't depict Martha Stewart, it's just the Martha Stewart brand. It was .49 (original price $4.99).

I also bought 25 sheets of re-positional Christmas stickers at .15 a sheet. I figure Jacob can have fun with them and maybe keep a bunch to resell when I do a December yardsale. Not a big money maker, but I can probably easily sell them at .50 each in December.

So anyway at Kmart, my total came to $99.99 and after coupons it was $38. And today I see that Shopper's Food Warehouse has triple coupons going on so I will have to get my coupons ready for that. But they are only tripling coupons up to .99. But still, having a .50 coupon worth $1.50 is pretty good. And then I got an email from Big Lots with a special 20% off my entire order coupon good for next week. So since both stores are near each other, I will hit both on one day.

Coming attempt at making a craft. (I saw something in a Family Fun magazine that I want to try to make.) I am not into doing crafts. Not into scrapbooking. Not into Etsy. Not into making anything Martha Stewart demonstrates on her show. For the craft I have in mind, I have to finish a carton of orange juice first though. So I don't need to buy anything special. Normally I just throw the Family Fun magazine in a stash of other un-read magazines that I get (free or nearly free of course). But the other day I actually looked thru it.

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zakary said...

Man, you are on a roll!