Friday, October 01, 2010

Sale on Pringles

Not a whole lot going on here at the castle. My grocery store is having a sale on Pringles. Regularly a $1 a can but now they are having a sale where I can get 10 for only $10. Gee, how can I pass that bargain up?

I saw these vintage retro lamps at my thrift and deep down I really wanted them, but the cheapskate in me knew I wasn't getting them for a few reasons: I don't have a mid-century modern house and I didn't want to spend money on new lampshades. (But I do plan on using my vintage Lane chest). They weren't marked but I'm sure they were cheap. And another reason - older lamps like this scare me since the cords are old and no way am I gonna re-wire something. Re-wiring stuff is not my thing. Oh well, I hope they find a nice home.

For those of you who sell on eBay, starting today you can list 100 items per month for the next 3 months - with no listing fees (check ebay for specific details).


Sir Thrift-A-Lot said...

LOL, great deal indeed! Pringles at my store cost $2.49!

Regarding the eBay thing.. thanks! I've been meaning to list some stuff, maybe I can do it within 3 months..

Mike said...

I just wish I had more things to sell on eBay, I haven't had much luck finding good things lately!

YSQ: how have you learned through the years what sells and what doesn't? I'm afraid of wasting money on things and having them pile up because they don't sell. That and I try to only buy/sell things with a high profit margin; I don't want to sell a $2 item for $3, etc.

Chris at said...

Mike - how I learned is just doing that - wasting lots of money on .50 here .25 there all the time and then having it pile up! seriously! I am in a big decluttering mode now - I am going to be re-donating a lot of stuff back to the thrift store.

But really what I've learned is that "weird" sells. High quality stuff sells. I try to stay away from things that won't fit into a 12" x 12" x 12" box.

I just sold a vintage pair of men's underwear (in the package) for $24. I just sold a denim plus sized jacket for $41. I first listed it at $29 (no bids), then $24 (no bids) finally I dropped it to $9.99 and it ended at $41.

On my message board - we have lots of ebay sellers who talk about ebay and show their over $100 auctions etc etc. Don't worry, there are plenty of men on the board, not just women.

Chris at said...

Sir Thrift a lot - yes, I think their $1.00 regular price was a typo, but then it wouldn't be funny.