Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Decluttering Workout

The last few days I've been doing a lot of decluttering. I did some browsing at my thrifts but didn't see anything I had to have. I did like this large terracotta planter but I am not paying $10 for a dirty planter.

Today I re-donated Springbok puzzles to my thrift. Certain Springbox puzzles sell well on ebay. I bought them all cheap (like .25 or .50 each) with the intention that I would put them all together, take pictures and put them up on ebay and people would go into a bidding frenzy over them. I'm a slow learner but I finally realized that the time it would take to put the puzzles together would seriously cut into my internet/shopping/sleeping time. So back to the thrift they went. No more puzzles for me unless they are sealed, priced cheap, and is one that people will want. After Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin died, I read that Crocodile Hunter stuff would jump in value, hence the two pre-owned Croc puzzles. Which are not sealed. A sealed one didn't even get a $5 bid on ebay. So not gonna waste my time or waste storage space that could be used for something more profitable. No, I don't have a storage unit - I'm just talking about garage shelf space.

I also dropped off a few magazines/cardboard etc to the paper recycling. Walking up and down the stairs to the paper recycling dumpster lugging armfuls of magazines is a good workout. I also dropped of a box of books to the second hand bookstore for store credit and dropped off 2 boxes of books to the library for their used book table.

One magazine that is not getting thrown out is a defunct magazine named Domino. I will be listing on ebay a group of about 6 issues of them soon.

And bags and bags of clothes that got donated:

I also went thru my bathroom and practically filled a garbage bag full of old makeup, old lotion and miscellaneous crap. I found some baby lotion that I bought BEFORE I had Jacob. Hey Johnson & Johnson - what's the deal? You can't you come up with a baby lotion that smells good after being opened for only 10 years???

With all this decluttering I am unearthing things I forgot I even had. My mom gave Jacob one of those commemorative coin collection of the 50 state quarters. I found that in my bathroom closet.


ZDub said...

The back of you car is a step in the right direction. Just think, if you declutter, you have room to buy more stuff!

If you ever want help, call me. I can declutter an entire house/basement/garage in three days. Ask my mother. It involves a dumpster that you empty three times and numerous pick ups from the Salvation Army.

Dude ! said...

I hear you on the puzzles. I learned the hard way too, selling used puzzles on eBay is a lose-lose. Too risky, with a good chance of missing pieces. I stick to sealed ones only, the 3-D ones seem to get bidding action.