Friday, October 29, 2010

More indoor archeology (decluttering and de-hoarding)

Every day that I take out more stuff out of the house than what I bring in, is a good thing. I did go to my fav thrift today but mainly went just to look to see if they were throwing away any good boxes. I have to pack up some stuff for donating and need boxes. Today I also brought another box of books to the used bookstore (a person is allowed to bring in one box per week maximum). Out of curiosity, I asked how much store credit I got for the box of books from last week - I was shocked at how much store credit I got. $53.25! I can buy a lot of books with that! haha. And none were books that would have sold for a lot on ebay.

I also declutterized towels and donated two large garbage bags full of bath towels, dish towels, washcloths to a local animal rescue organization. They said they can use towels of all sizes; they use the big towels for use in the puppy pens. 20 years ago when we were first married, we bought some Lands' End towels that are virtually indestructible. They never got thin or holes but after 20 years I was tired of looking at them and some had gotten bleach stains/discoloring so out they went. I even donated some towels that I remember buying, with my employee discount, when I was single and living with the parents and worked part-time at Bradlees.

Here's a few of the puppies that may be enjoying my Lands' End towels soon:

Today I also went to a rare Friday garage sale. The seller is an avid couponer and I've been to their sales before. I didn't buy anything (there wasn't anything I needed) but I took this picture:

It's a ton of cat treats. There is a saying that goes something like "Quick nickels are better than slow dimes". A long time ago, in the coupon inserts there was a coupon for a free pack of the cat treats (I remember that coupon since I got a bunch too!) So this seller got a ton of the cat treats and had them at their last yardsale marked high (maybe $1 each?) . So instead of just selling them cheap to get rid of them, they hung on to them and hung on to them, and now they are all expired and marked .25 and no one wants them. Cats are finicky, they will know the cat treats have expired. If the seller had marked them cheap to begin with, they would be a lot easier to sell unexpired. It just seems kinda greedy to have high prices on things at a yardsale - especially when it's something that was free.

I spotted this truck in the parking lot of my fav thrift. Grass growing in the back of your pick-up truck may be good for the environment, but probably not so good for the truck.


Frugal Down Under said...

I love the pic of the truck with growing grass!

Anonymous said...

How cute are those puppies!! Did you adopt one and bring him home with you?

Donna in Warrenton, VA said...

Did you make it to the Winter Bizzar?

Anonymous said...


Chris at said...

Thanks Anon. I was drunk when I did that last post.

Chris at said...

Donna - the bizzar is not until Nov 6 but I don't plan on going. I got too much stufffffff!!!!