Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend trip to Philadelphia - Rocky Steps, Philly Cheesesteak, broken bell

We went to Philadelphia over the weekend since Jacob had Friday off from school, DH was off work, and Jacob kept saying he wanted to go to there for some strange reason. So we drove up on Friday and came home on Sunday. No need to do that ever again (crappy ride, tolls, got stuck in Obama traffic in Wilmington DE etc etc). And no yardsales for me. Waaaa. But got to cross two things off the bucket list - eat a real Philly cheesesteak and run up the Rocky steps. Thankfully I lived to tell about it. Rocky is probably the Queen's fav movie of all time (Pulp Fiction would be #2).

So on Friday we ate at Geno's and on Saturday we bought a $10 family tourist bus pass and went to the Rocky steps, Constitution Hall and saw the Liberty Bell for about 2 minutes and did some other stuff. Here's random pictures in no special order:

Love Park - DH was sitting on a bench while Jacob and I went to the artwork so I could take Jacob's picture. Some other tourist offered to take our picture together. Here's his handywork:

Geno's. Afterward we walked thru South Philly and eventually made it back to our hotel. Streets were lined with various street vendors. Stores that sold live poultry etc etc. Did not buy any live poultry or pineapples.

Walked thru Macy's, it was across the street from our hotel. This eagle is pfamous in Philly

Dangerous stuff being sold in souvenir store near the hotel - careful kids - that's a real keychain there!

Lines were horrendous all day long to see the Liberty Bell - there was no line about 5 minutes before they closed to we were able to grab a quick looksee.

Someone about to get hitched:

View from the Rocky steps:

Jacob watching his first protest parade. They held up the tourist bus - boooo hiss to them!

In south Philly - $1 Pineapples!!!!!!!

Some sort of freaky artwork near the $1 pineapples.

Constitution Hall - isn't it gorgeous??? Inside a Park Ranger gave a very entertaining talk about history stuff and I got to see some antiques that were not for sale.


Michele said...

That's my hometown! Wish I knew you were going - I know all of the ways around the traffic in Delaware or northern Maryland (Route 40, Route 1 and avoiding the toll backup entering Delaware). Did you get to eat a soft pretzel? Those are my faves.

Anonymous said...

Did you buy anything in Philly, Chris? Susan C.

Chris at said...

Michele - no, didn't see any soft pretzel vendors. Saw a lot of fruit salad vendors.

Susan - no didn't buy anything, except food or drink.

slugmama said...

You ate a Geno's but you didn't eat at Pat's??!!
Now you'll never know which CheeseSteak is

Looks like a lot of fun tho once you get past the traffic and bad roads...

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