Monday, September 15, 2008

My Sony Cybershot finally bit the dust - I wonder why

Ever since I got my new camera back in February (new camera blog entry) I've still been using my old camera but also letting Jacob play with it (the old camera). Here's one of his last photos that he took using it. Looks suspiciously like a finger going for the lens. It still turns on, but the display screen is black and it acts like its taking a picture but turns out all black.

So now I need to start using my new camera exclusively. And find a good used cybershot for Jacob to use. Cuz once he sees my new camera he will want that, and I know I cannot let him play with it. I even tried digging out my old old crappy Canon digital camera that I had years ago, but it won't power on. I thought for sure when I upgraded cameras that it was still working. oh well.

I don't think the above pic was the nail in the coffin for the camera since there were more...


Anonymous said...

I had a Sony Cybershot with a similar display issue, and it turned out to be defect that Sony repaired free of charge. I called their support # (because my extended warranty from Best Buy wouldn't pay for repair because it was a known defect...) and they sent me the shipping labels to collect it and repaired it w/ no problem. Here is their support details:

Sony Service Contact Information
Location: LAREDO, TX
Phone number: (866) 357-6230 7:00AM - 4:30PM CST

Chris said...

Thanks - I will give them a call tomorrow. I had googled the problem and saw that there was a defect in some Cybershots but mine (DSC-S90) wasn't on the list. But I will give them a call tomorrow and see what they say.