Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tried doing the Maryland Lighthouse Challenge Today...

and for the third year in a row, we failed miserably. It's the same weekend once a year where people who are really *into* lighthouses plan on visiting all the lighthouses in Maryland over the course of two days - here's the website. To me, it sorta seems like a waste of gas for the fact that participants don't really stay at any one lighthouse for a significant period of time, since it's all about getting to the next lighthouse and getting your book stamped or something. As usual, we saw 2 out of the 10. We took the free transportation to the above lighthouse which is normally closed to the public. I need to do something about the big fat fingerprint on the lens.

I had a sort of a last minute yardsale yesterday - the Parks & Recs indoor yardsale that was scheduled for a few weeks ago got rescheduled to yesterday. I signed up on Thursday so I had Friday just to gather and price stuff. With the date for the sale changed, I don't think they advertised it very well. I only made about $90 selling small crap. But some of the stuff I am glad I got rid of. And I got to buy stuff early from other sellers during the set-up time. They had kept the doors locked so there were no early birds shopping, except for me really.

I just took the pics off both my cellphone and my camera and found some pics I had taken last week. Here's a pic of my old Nissan Maxima in the parking lot at Smile. We sold it 3 years ago to someone in the neighborhood and ever since, once in a while I see it parked at Smile.

And here's a pic of Vintage Value. It looks very non-descript. I don't know why they are trying to keep it a secret and not having the name advertised on the building.

While I was in VV last week, I spotted this beautiful dress. It's so gorgeous that I can't believe someone donated it. I mean, really, its the type of dress you can just about wear anywhere, weddings, funerals, church, yardsales, etc. The only thing that could make it more gorgeous would be if it was pink. Then it would be identical to the dress my bridemaids wore for me back in 1989. I'm sure if I asked my bridesmaids, they'd agree that it is quite possibly the most beautiful dress in the world and they still wear it as often as they can. Mark my words, the whole idea of wearing a bow on your butt will come back in style very shortly.

ps. Now that I think about it, the above dress isn't a dress you would want to wear to yardsales. Because the seller would see that you are a person of impeccable taste and are used to the finer things in life so they would charge you more for the junk you are buying.

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