Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Six for a penny nectarines

Did some grocery shopping today (had to go to Giant anyway to return my free Redbox movie rental from last night. (Watched The Brave One starring Jodie Foster, who by the way, likes garage sales. She mentioned it during a 60 Minutes interview years ago).

Anyhow, I made the rounds in the store, first checking out the Day Old bakery section (got nothing there) and then saw they had stuff on the "Not the Best, But Still Edible" Produce cart. Well that's not the real name, it's actually "Not the best, but still a good buy" cart - which I think is a stupid name.

They had some packages of apples and packages of nectarines. I am not a fan of nectarines but this package did catch my eye. Six nectarines for a penny.

Someone obviously mis-marked it. It was the only package marked for a penny. So I did what any bargain shopper would do - I bought it. Ok some of you may have taken it to the Manager and said "Excuse me, someone mismarked this, I want to pay more for it". But I am not you.

I figure whatever old produce didn't sell today, it was going in their trash anyway, so at least they got a penny out of me. Oh and I had a coupon to save 5% off my total order, so.....I got 5% off that penny.

Now, what do with them. I don't think DH likes nectarines and trying to get Jacob to eat one is out of the question. Maybe I can peel them, cut them up and make some sort of Nectarine Crisp with lots of vanilla ice cream.

Big Brother finale tonight on TV. I am so glad its down to Dan and Memphis. I'm hoping Dan wins. My guess is that Jerry will win that bonus $25K.

p.s. Above I mentioned getting the free Redbox rental. I think I've mentioned it before but sign up at Inside RedBox and every Monday afternoon get (via email or text message) a free Promo code for a free one day rental (good on that Monday only).

p.s.s. The above pics were taken with my trusty, banged up and abused Cybershot camera.

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