Monday, September 29, 2008

Lusby Maryland in the news today

I wish the story coming out of Lusby today was about how some yardsalequeen in Lusby found a Picasso or unknown spare original of the Declaration of Independence, but it's not. Tragically, it's a very horrific story of abuse. Child Abuse Story Just pure evil. The mother can't blame the economy (Smile would easily cloth and feed a family in need) and it doesn't sound like mental illness. Just pure evilness.

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Felicia D. said...

I enjoyed finding your blog but was really disturbed by the abuse article. How is it possible for a woman like that to be in our society? I hope that some ultra liberal doesn't come along to insist that she be spared and rehabilitated. That said, I would like you to take a look at my website. I came up with this idea that a nationwide directory of antiques related resources would be a wonderful thing. Stuff like estate sales, antiques shows, flea markets etc. I posted the site last month and I'm already getting listings every day. Check it out. here's the link: Let me know if you like it. FELICIA