Friday, September 12, 2008

Mushrooms, bugs and candy

Yesterday after Jacob got home from school we all decided to go to the park for some family time. What a mistake - haha. Should have stayed home and frittered away my time on the computer.

I did see some kinda gross mushrooms growing out of a tree. No, I didn't take any home to smoke or eat.

The park also has a large playground made out of old tires. So while I was sitting on a swing watching Jacob climb the big ship tire sculpture, I noticed my ankle was itchy.

And then I see all thes little dots on my sock and they're moving and bunches of them are on my ankle. Uggh. I tell DH and he in his wisdom says "that's just dirt". I'm like yeah right. So of course I take some pics. And then start plucking them off. I took the sock off and turned it inside out. There are no trashcans at this park - to encourage people to take out what you brought in. So I didn't want to litter my buggy sock. I took it home and washed it with some dog flea shampoo. No need to throw away a perfectly good sock. (and even with my old socks, I don't throw them away - I put them in the textile recycling bin at the recycling center).

DH says the reason the bugs got me and not him or Jacob was because I walk too slow (so the bugs had time to jump aboard). So that was our nice family outing.


I went back to Walgreens this week (I went 3 days this week). Funny how they had a cart full of that clearance laundry detergent one day, and I go in the next day and it's all gone. They also marked down some back to school supplies - I got a super cute little book light for .74. I went back the following day for more and they were all gone.

I noticed they had Russell Stover candy on clearance for $2.59 and I had $2 coupons so one day I went and bought 3 (so they were .59 a box plus tax). Then I went home and found a few more coupons so I went back the following day and got the last 2, for a total of 5. Here's a pic I took when I just found the first 3 and meant to do a blog posting that day but didn't.


Shara said...

Those are seed ticks - not just regular bugs. Make sure you got every teeny one off you - lyme disease is just one of the many things seed ticks carry. ICK!

Otter Mom said...

Not to be indelicate, but you want to check EVERYWHERE. Even every hidden spot that would never see the light of day. Those buggies can be bad.

Mary said...

Yuck! My youngest got into those this summer, and guess where they all wound up at....yep...on his doo-dads, and about as many as was on your sock, not a fun time.
Love that park by the way, but we didnt make it there this summer.