Thursday, September 04, 2008

Haven't forgot about ya....

Just not a whole lot going on at the YSQ Castle. Today I did manage to clean up around my computer a little (sorry no pics - otherwise I'd be having the clutter police knocking at my door). When I was yardsaling in New York in August, for $1 I bought one of those under-the-office-chair plastic thingys. So I vacuumed some and got that thing under my chair now.

No exciting buys to mention. Did stop at Walgreens today and bought a brand new rice cooker for $4-something. Was originally $15.99. We have a rice cooker/steamer that works fine but....I can't stop buying stuff - haha. Our other rice cooker is old and it's big and bulky. This one is more like a little crockpot.

And I stopped at Food Lion and bought a few things. I mainly do my grocery shopping at Food Lion and Giant. I do buy other food items at other places occasionally - like Walgreens and Super Walmart. Back when the government was sending out those free money checks (economic stimulus checks) in the spring and summer, Food Lion had a deal that if you bought a $300 gift card with your check, they would make the value of the gift card $330. We ended up getting three $330 cards on 7/22/08.

And here it is in September and I am still working on using the first card. I still have $175 left on it. Which means I've only spent $155 on groceries in the past month and a half at Food Lion.


Susanna said...

Kroger had the same gift card deal here. We definitely took advantage of that.

When my brother-in-law from Belgium was visiting a few years ago, we drove by a Food Lion and he was very excited to see it. Apparently, that's the posh grocery chain in Belgium! I don't know where it stands where you live, but at least in my town it's definitely the cheapest, straddling the line between "great deals" and "scary."

Lisa said...

We did the same thing at two grocery stores here. I got $660 for $600 at one & $990 for $900 at the other. I've been able to use mine for gas & liquor as well, so now to about $150 on one & $500 on the other.
That was a good deal & I bet not many people took advantage of it.

Chris said...

Food Lion is the cheapest - but definitely not scary. Both stores (where I live has TWO Food Lions within 3 miles of each other) - one is only 2 years old and the other about 10 years old. So they aren't run down by any means.

The Giant is a "nicer" looking store but more expensive - but they do have some good sales - sometimes much better than Food Lion.

Lisa - we got the $1600 too, but I was too afraid to turn it all into gift cards. I figured 3 would be enough to last a while. And now I am paranoid that I will lose the other two ones.

Bella Casa said...

Oh wow, I need to start couponing again! I was doing really good a couple of years ago, the whol Drug Store thing, double coupons and reading RMC religiously...but then my then 2 year old son decided that shopping is only fun if he has a tantrum or something like, I stopped all of shopping trips. I still have hair and feminine products and razors for that is good..hubby's razors ran out a while ago and I almost cried when I had to pay $40 for a jumbo pack of them at Costco!

Anyhow, so nice to meet you :)