Friday, September 05, 2008

Stupid Hurricane

I understand Mother Nature likes to do hurricanes every so often, but geez, why on a Saturday? It's 100% chance of rain tomorrow. A Sunday hurricane would have fit better into my schedule. Going yardsaling during a hurricane is a challenge (but not totally out of the picture).

Here's my food bargain lunch from the other day. A local chain of pizza places is always giving out $1.99 pizza & soda coupons so every so often I'll stop in for a $1.99 pizza & diet coke ($2.14 with tax). Gotta love unlimited Diet Coke. Then on my way home, I noticed the new Rita's Ice was giving away free Italian ice. I had the cherry flavor and I know Jacob would not have liked it - it had little chunks of maraschino cherries in it. He doesn't like surprises in his food. I think he'll be having a lot of the custards from there.

Then for lunch today my DH had half the day off so we ate at Jaspers. It was our first time there (I had a Buy 1 entree get 1 Free coupon). The inside was neat - we ate in the bar area (huge bar with jumbo screens all around). And they cook on a wood fired grill - hard to explain but when I was walking to the restroom, I could see hunks of wood burning right on the grill where the food was being cooked. I had a salad with chicken. It was good but to me a salad is not a salad unless it has cheese on it. Everything tastes better with cheese. Well maybe not an Italian ice, but most things taste better with cheese.

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