Monday, February 11, 2008

Did some retail shopping today

My husband had the day off from work so we did a little bit of shopping and eating of lunch. The nice lady at the SPCA faxed me a copy of my dog's rabies vaccination record so we also picked up a dog license (and paid the $5 fee). It's nice having a combo printer/fax machine/copier at home. Now tomorrow I'll call the dog catcher and tell him the license registration # so Whiskey will be taken off the bad doggy list.

I saw that JC Penney's had a big clearance ad in last week's paper. My sister emailed me to tell me she got some bargains there over the weekend. So I had to stop today and see what I could see. I did have a 15% off coupon with me from filling out the survey at (I had a receipt from last month when I bought something.)

I bought the above two things for $8.05 (including tax). A hoodie jacket with removeable liner for Jacob - originally $49.99 (yeah right). I paid $5.92 plus tax. And a pair of some sort of ugly fake Croc type shoes (originally $18) for me. I paid $1.67 plus tax.

Then went to Best Buy and as my DH looks at whatever he looks at, I busied myself looking at the cameras on sale. Saw the above Sony Cybershot for $139. Saw a fancier one for $159 but I liked the cheaper one since it takes AA batteries. I like using rechargeable AA batteries - I don't like having to use expensive lithium batteries. I currently have a Cybershot camera that is a few years old, but I broke the battery door a while ago and its a pain always having to tape it up to keep it closed. Didn't buy it at Best Buy but figured I'd check and see what Staples had and also check ebay. So after Best Buy we went to Staples (the stores are close together) and saw that Staples had the identical camera for $99. I bought it (and used three of my $3 inkjet coupons). Total with tax came to $96.44

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Goobian said...

I'm curious, why don't you like lithium batteries? You said your AA batteries are rechargeable so what's the difference to you? I have a camcorder that has a lithium battery in it I got for Christmas and I love it. I think if in the long run I would start getting problems with it I would just replace the battery or replace the camcorder all together. I think a replacement battery is 30 dollars.

I can't stand the thought of buying replacement batteries all the time for it. I think I have charged it about 20 times since I have got it and I can't imagine how much money that would be buying AA batteries 20 times. There was another camcorder I was looking at that was the same price but it took AA batteries and that was one of the main reasons why I didn't get that one.