Friday, February 08, 2008

Yesterday was a good day!

I found my car keys! You wouldn't believe all the crazy places I was looking for them - freezer, refridgerator, the backyard, places that I know they shouldn't be. I found them because of Pajama Day at school today. Kids bring in a can of food to donate and they can wear pajamas to school. Kinda weird if you ask me. Well Jacob doesn't normally wear regular pajamas to bed so its not like its a big deal to wear PJs to school. I just sent him to school in lounge pants and a crazy tie-dyed t-shirt. I prefer it when they have Crazy Hat Day (because he has an awesome crazy hat that I paid $1 for at a yardsale).

In our garage, I have a shelving unit where I store canned food and extra supplies. Well yesterday I was rearranging the canned goods and I saw the keys - they had fallen between some cans. I must have set them down on one of the cans while I had gone back to the car for something.

On my keychain I have all my shoppers cards: Food Lion, CVS, Staples, Ace Hardware, Best Buy, Giant, Petco, McKays cookie club card, McKays regular shoppers card (Mckays is a small local grocery store), Dicks Sporting Goods, Price Chopper (for when I am in NY), and my library card. I didn't like the idea of having to replace them all.

Did a little bit of shopping this week. Bought the above Bullets pennant for $1. The basketball team in Washington DC used to be called the Washington Bullets until whoever decided that name didn't seem appropriate for a city that has a lot of gun violence.

Whiskey has been good and staying home the last few days. I think I found how he was getting out. Here he is relaxing the other day.


Kimberly said...

Whisky looks like he drank to much whisky and passed out in a very awkward position! ... so cute.

diana said...

so adorable!!

mrsc said...

LOL at the Whiskey picture!

And I have that couch! I think we got ours about 10+ yrs ago. Since my doggy was (then) a puppy and decided to make the arm his chewtoy, we are enjoying it with a slipcover in the playroom, but it is nice to see those jeweltones alive and well and about! ;)

Chris said...

I loved those colors when I first saw them. Now, not so much.

Anonymous said...

Aw - makes me want to scratch that belly - very cute!

Bob from said...

He He - Cool dog ! He looks like fun