Sunday, February 24, 2008

More on stupid pricing

Took Jacob to McDonald's this afternoon. Used coupons that I had bought on ebay (if you search McDonald's coupons on ebay - you'll see people selling packets of McDonald's coupons intended for kids - free small fries, free cone, free kid's soda etc). It really is against ebay's coupon policy on listing those free coupons, but ebay doesn't normally shut the coupon auctions down.

Well anyway at my McD's, you can get 4 piece McNuggets for $1. Jacob normally gets two 4 piece (8 nuggets total for $2, if you're doing the math). On their menu, McDonald's sells a 10-piece McNuggets for $3.39 (that's just for the nuggets, no drink or fries with it). Why would anyone ever order a 10 piece??? It would be cheaper to get three 4-packs for $3 and get 12 nuggets than spend $3.39 and only get 10 nuggets.

Then went to Giant to get a big bag of Doritos on sale for $1.74 (not like the 3 for $1 puny bags pictured below). Then Jacob wanted to ride the grocery store elevator. Our new grocery store has an elevator, which I think is odd. The only thing I can think of is that they grocery store had to limit their environmental footprint in construction, so they had to move their offices/employee breakroom to a second story. And maybe there is some sort of disability law requiring them to put in an elevator if it's 2 stories. And the thing is, the elevator is not tucked away in a corner, its right there, next to the customer service desk, so it's physically impossible for Jacob to walk past it and not want to take it for a spin. And I am a pushover, so I say yes.

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