Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Started Christmas shopping today

My plan of the day was to buy a bridal shower gift for this weekend and get my hair cut. Mission accomplished. The bride is registered at Target so that's where I got the gift and then decided to stop in Bath and Body Works, just to look. Well I spotted a 75% off shelf and saw some coconut scented items and remembered my sister mentioning over Christmas that she likes coconut scented stuff. Bought her an Exotic Coconut Body Splash for $2.62 (reg. $10.50) and a Eau de Toilette spray for $4.62 (regularly $18.50).

The price of bridal shower cards is ridiculous!!! I even stopped at Big Lots and BJs Warehouse since they have discounted cards, but I think paying $3.69 plus tax (minus 25%) is still a rip-off. I am glad I didn't buy a card. I came home and went thru a huge box of assorted cards I bought at a yardsale last summer for $3. It was box of cards made by The Paper Magic Group it's an assortment of about 30 fancy cards, all with embellishments etc on them and I found a card that is appropriate for a bridal shower.

Now for the wedding card, I am set for that. When a card store was going out of business at the mall, all the cards were 90% off and what was left when I was there was wedding cards and sympathy cards. So I bought a bunch of fancy cards that were originally $4 and $5 each.

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STC said...

Hey Yard Sale Queen,

It looks like you shop local a lot but those of us who sit at a desk all day have had to find other creative ways to shop. I LOVE neat cards and would spend a fortune on them if I could. I found this cardmaker on Etsy - http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5049368 - who does beautiful and original cards. For $1-$3 each with nomimal shipping (cheaper than gas) I have some great cards for future use. There are lots of very reasonably priced artisans on this site.