Friday, February 29, 2008

Yard trash makes me a free soda winner

Last week or so I spotted a Dr. Pepper bottle in my yard - courtesy of some stupid litterbug. At least they left the cap on it that said "1 in 6 caps win" - so I got online and yep, I won a Dr. Pepper with it. The coupon quickly came in the mail for it. Not as good of a win as the time someone threw an empty Lunchables box in my yard and it turned out to be an instant winner for a pair of Motorola walkie talkies, but a win is a win. My Lunchables Prize

And my son won something this week too. Our county has a Parks & Recreation Department and they are always running contests for kids - guess the # of jellybeans and stuff like that. I've never really paid much attention to it. Their office is next to the library. Well last week when I went to drop off some books, I noticed that Parks & Recs had a random drawing for leftover Valentine's Candy, so I put my son's name on a slip of paper, and here's the important part, folded the entry form like a little accordian and deposited the entry into the shoebox. And he won a bouquet of lollipops.

Folding the entry form like a little accordian makes it more likely to be chosen (I think) when there is a random drawing. Here's the little bouquet and his entry.

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