Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Walmart pricing

I bought new eyeglasses today at Walmart for $208 plus $49 exam fee. I'll get them next week or so. My current glasses are Walmart glasses and they've held up good, but I have too many scratches on them and wanted new.

Afterwards I did some shopping and saw this sign (I usually keep my digital camera in my purse since you never know when a photo-op will occur). Still haven't figured out how to take a pic with my cellphone.

Math was never my strong suit, but even I can figure out that buying 3 at .33 is better than three for $1.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

lmao!! I would have possibly brought over the store manager if in a feisty enough mood -- or better yet why not send him/her a pic of this sign somehow-- how embarrassing for that store!! :=D

Anonymous said...

That is an AWESOME picture! LMAO!!!

On a more serious note, I have found that you better hurry up and buy when they do a "RollBack" because after that they have a brief run at regular price,and a few weeks later the price goes up.

Lisa said...


Anonymous said...

They were actually 22 cents the other day when I went to Walmart--beginning of March--maybe that was the real rollback price at your store as well!!