Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Yardsale Buys and Media stuff

Here is the stuff I bought on Saturday. And that's not all. I bought a .50 HP printer (missing the cords etc), BUT it had two used inkjets in it, so I will take the inkjets to Staples for $6 in credit and e-recycle the printer. Also bought a new jar of Victoria's Secret Romantic Wish body butter (.25) - originally $10 according to the price tag on it. Best buy of the day was the set of ValueTales books for $7 which are good sellers on ebay.

And I'm trying something new. I made a crappy video for YouTube to show off my bargains (and to and get free advertising for yardsalequeen.com) You know how some videos are so bad that they're good? Well that's what I was shooting for, so if you think the video is bad, then I succeeded :) My hair/make-up/wardrobe team didn't show up, so that is why I am not appearing in the video.

As I was leaving the church yardsale on Saturday, I noticed the car that parked next to me was my old car! I can tell it's my old Nissan Maxima because we added that car seat safety hook thing that is near the back windshield. And we sold it to a guy who lives in our neighborhood so seeing it out in public is not really that unusual. But I am glad to see the car still makes it to the yardsales. The new owner must be someone who is very smart.

Today I did a live radio interview for KPAM radio in Portland, Oregon. It aired at 5:30am their time, so I hope not many people were listening. Doing live radio interviews is definitely not my forte. Oye.

Recent newspaper article from Denver:Denver Post article

And a recent newspaper article from glorious upstate New York Times Union (while growing up and my family being a Times Union subscriber - we always called it the Times Onion for some reason).


Zakary said...

You were busy...:)

Kate Spike and Her KatS said...

You need to work harder to make a crappy video--yours wasn't half bad! I mean, I could understand you, the camera didn't move all over the place and there wasn't any heavy metal or rap music blaring in the background. Plus you got some great bargains, as usual!

Jamie said...

I like that funky (clock?) thing in the back - and you paid a quarter for it!? I'm jealous. (Not that I have any place to hang anything else, anyhow!) Great deals!

Chris said...

Jamie - the starburst thing is a Metall Dutt by Ikea, to be exact. It's for displaying photos or cards or bills or whatever. I found it on the Ikea website and it was only $6.99 to begin with.


svelteSTUFF said...

I LIKE the 'stuff' video - keep them going!!