Saturday, May 23, 2009

Yard Sale Breakfast

Here's my yardsale breakfast from this morning. One of my first stops was at a church yardsale and for the grand total of $2.50 you got 3 huge pancakes, 2 sausage and either juice or coffee. (I don't do maple syrup or coffee). It was too much to eat and ended up giving the remainder of the pancakes to Whiskey. I normally don't eat church yardsale breakfasts since I'd rather spend the time shopping, but it smelled so good this morning and it was quick (I took it to go and ate in my car). ACKKK - I just realized I sound like my mother - discussing details of what I ate!!!

Yardsales today were ok, got some good stuff, but no pics yet to share.

The Blue Angels are doing shows today and tomorrow nearby. Kinda neat that I can stand in my driveway and see them overhead practicing. Since we are close to a big Navy base, we see some pretty slick Top Gun type aircraft pretty often. Unfortunately, I never run into any Tom Cruise/Top Gun look-alike pilots while shopping at my thrifts.

These are pics I took yesterday while waiting for Jacob to get off the bus. I am bummed that I missed a great shot of them all in tight formation.

Yesterday at Smile I bought these funky shoes for myself in new condition ($5). Click here to see better pics. $49 is what they cost new.

Then tonight, I will be getting my honky-tonk on and doing my volunteer bartending work - helping to quench the thirst of people in need of an adult beverage. Or perhaps a $2 bottle of water. Bartenders cannot accept tips so it actually is volunteering. I will be seeing and hearing Bocephus tonight. Should be interesting.

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Anonymous said...

Chris....Have you ever counted how many pairs of shoes you have? LOL!