Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Bargain for a Buck

It's Saturday, so you know where I was this morning. I don't have a pic or video of my entire stash today, but I did take this pic of my bargain for a buck while it was still on the lawn at the yardsale. A rug from Target. When I saw the dollar price tag I thought I mis-read it. The seller said it needed cleaning but hey, I didn't see a pool of blood on it nor any other dried bodily fluids. But I will Bissell the heck out of it.

I spent $1.75 at that sale so I put my other purchases on it before I rolled it up so you could kinda see the scale of it. Also bought .25 Scooby Doo hat for Jacob, .25 package of ColorWonder markers (can never have enough) and a .25 cute Teddy Bear that does something (but I don't know what yet - I pulled out the battery compartment out of the butt to see if the batteries worked - they didn't. I don't need a teddy bear, but it was very cute and it's the kinda thing that will sell for a few bucks when I do a December yardsale.

So, when I get home from yardsaling - Dh is cleaning out the garage and wanting me to throw stuff away. That is crazy talk. I am surprised that no one stopped and asked if we were having a garage sale. Out of my stash of treasures in the garage, I managed to find one thing to throw away. A big spool of plastic wrap I had purchased at a YS for $1. I bought it so I could do imitation at-home shrink-wrap when I wrap stuff that is getting sold on ebay. Well I tried it, and the wrap had like a greasy feel to it. way do I want to mail greasy feeling plastic to people. I have an ebay reputation to uphold. haha. If you forgot what my garage looks like, here is a pic from last year Organized Chaos And you know what? I have more stuff crammed in there now. And don't even ask to see a pic of my corner of the garage.

If you enlarge the pic, on the freezer door is a I Brake for Junk bumpersticker. I won it years ago from the Carter Junkwebsite. The webmaster of that site is Mary Randolph Carter, she is an adverting bigwig at Ralph Lauren in NYC. I think she was like the first "famous" person who complimented me on my website years and years ago (she even signed my guestbook).

Speaking of my guestbook, I hope I am not jinxing it, but I am surprised that it has been running continuously since 1997!!! View my guestbook I thought for sure there would be some glitch by now that would have erased it long ago.


Joleen said...

It's good to know I'm not the only one hopping from one garage sale to the next.

btw, how do you have a yard sale in December? I'm in the chicago area and I wouldn't even think of it.

Anyway, great blog you've got here.

Yardsalequeendotcom said...

Our local Parks & Recs dept holds an indoor yardsale at the community center ($5 space or $8 for a space and a table).

Great way to sell used Xmas decorations and stuff that people can use as stocking stuffers etc