Thursday, May 07, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday to Me Me Me!

Yesterday was my "special day" as my friend Bev calls it. My birthday is not complete without getting a call from my friend Bev singing me Happy Birthday the standard way and also a remixed version.

I got excited when I saw a Fed Ex package on my porch. Who could be sending me a special present on my special day via Fed Ex???? What could it possibly be? Maybe I won some grand prize in a contest and it was paperwork for me to fill out. But not this time. It was something much better. Laundry detergent. I kid you not.

I signed up to test market a new laundry soap and I was one of the chosen few. They must have known that I am someone of impeccable taste and is on the cutting edge of laundry soap technology.

And this is my special birthday plant that was given to me expectantly yesterday. Well actually as I was leaving Food Lion the guy working in the florist area says "Hey, do you want this for free? I'm gonna throw it out". So what that it says "Easter Lily" on it, it's my special birthday plant.

Had dinner at Lone Star Steakhouse and used my free birthday meal coupon (from email). I managed to live all these years without having a group of waiters clap and sing some silly song at my table on my birthday. That record was broken last night. But they did give me a HUGE brownie sundae for free, so it was worth it.

Here's that ceramic vase thing that I bought the other day and love. Was $1.

And here's recent pics of the Whiskey Dog. He's still a bag of bones but I think he is feeling good.


Jamie said...

Happy belated Birthday!

I have always wanted to avoid being sung to but I found out a few years ago that Red Robin automatically does it when you redeem your free burger coupon! My husband actually made the waitress tell me he did not set them up.

Chris said...

Of course I got my free Red Robin coupon too....but being that its 50 miles away I may not make it to RR.