Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Kramer - He is a loathesome, offensive brute. Yet I can't look away

I still don't have a pic of my yardsale finds from yesterday, so instead here are some pics of some stuff I bought earlier last week. I bought The Kramer artwork for $5. It's framed and ready to hang. I used to have a "The Kramer" t-shirt that I remember buying at a place called a "store" but the shirt is long gone. I think I may have sold it on ebay after I tired of owning it. But this, this is artwork - something that is destined to be passed down from generation to generation. Not like a t-shirt.

And I bought a pair of Aerosoles sandals for $2 at Smile. They are practically new. I love Aerosoles. I hate flip-flops.

And here is a trash-pickin find. I forgot to mention that after doing my Shoppers Food Warehouse shopping on Thursday, when I was returning the shopping cart to the shopping cart corral in the parking lot, I saw a brown paper bag in a cart, like someone had cleaned out their car or had yardsale leftovers they wanted to throw away and instead of putting them in a garbage can, they stuck them in a cart for a grocery store employee to deal with. There was a bunch of plastic hangers, some broken nick-nacks and a Baby Phat hat. Of course if I see a bag of something in a grocery cart in the parking lot, of course I'm going to take a peek inside and see what's there. So I took the hat.

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