Friday, May 15, 2009

Grocery Shopping Savings

Just a quick post before too late to tell you about my grocery shopping trip on Thursday. Shoppers Food Warehouse had triple coupons up to .99. My total before coupons was $110.47 and after coupons I ended up paying $29.73 But actually it will end up being cheaper than that because I'll be getting a $3.99 mail-in rebate for one of the items I bought. Plus the receipt spit out a survey for me to take via phone, and after I do that, I'll get a free loaf of french bread the next time I shop.

here is the stuff I got. And of course, you can't see some of the stuff since its in the bags. As you see, I am very health conscience ....veggies/rice in cheese sauce, sour cream, white chocolate covered pretzels and pretzels for baking, Eggo Danish, butter and more butter. All the important food groups. And some sort of fiber pop-tarts.

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