Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thrift Store Bargains and Buys

Yep, I made another video. I can't stop now. And, of course, I cannot stop shopping either.

here is what I bought today. I forgot to mention in the video that the cheesy As Seen On TV Smooth Away hair kit is new (the pads are still in the cellophane), but it was not in a box. I would not buy a used hair removal kit. See? I do have a little restraint while shopping.

But before any shopping took place today, Jacob had a dentist appointment that I had been dreading. (His dental visits used to mean I would have to break out in a sweat, holding him down etc.) Today he had to have a small cavity filled, and a sealant replaced. The last time they attempted nitrous oxide on him, he wanted no part of it. But this time, they used a different hose attachment and he was great with it. Overall, a really great appointment.

He is holding onto a mirror to see himself while looking up towards the TV.


cheapbychoice said...

Great video! I love finding thrift store finds. I am always amazed at the new stuff I find for pennies.

Kimberly said...

Just wanted to tell you.. I"m loving the new videos!

Todd McLaughlin said...

We have alot in common, Chris! If you're the Yard Sale Queen may I be the Yard Sale Prince? Or young King is fine, too :)

I enjoy your blog very much!

Elizabeth said...

Love seeing all your great bargains on video - my nephew would have just loved that Lego you found (nigh on impossible to find it as good as that in UK charity shops). So good to see Whiskey too.