Sunday, August 17, 2008

Yardsale buys, back to school, jury duty etc

So yesterday I got up early and decided to check out a yardsale that was advertised in a touristy area. I got there and realized it was gonna be a bust (haha). The "yardsale" was going to be at a souvenir shop that recently decided to open up a thrift store portion of the store. Not worth my time to wait around since I knew *real* yardsales were going on. But in leaving, I saw that a restaurant/bar is having some sort of new promotion.

My favorite buy of the day was a disco ball for $3 with a little motor thing to rotate it.

School starts later this week. Pretty early this year. Usually it's around the 23 or 25th. So anyway, I got a notice for jury duty and returned it like a good patiotic citizen that I am. Oh yeah, of course I believe serving on jury duty is a service to the community and I'd be playing a crucial role in America's great justice system and all that. But all I'm saying is that I better be excused. The people in a jury are a jury of "your peers". So what are the chances that there are other yardsale queens being accused of crimes that they need me for? I doubt it.

In the local news I read how some 18 year olds were drinking beer in the woods of a high school and they, not being the smartest people in the world, decide to break into the school and steal Fruit Rollups out of a vending machine. Idiots. They are not my peers, but I would say lock 'em up just on the general principle of being stupid.

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Anonymous said...

Yay!! Your random Walgreens Bagel Chips purchase saved me some money! Just so happens I had to go to a cookout last night and I was bringing a dip that I wanted to serve bagel chips with. I was about to go to Kroger and get them when I saw your post. Kroger price of the same bagel chips in your picture: $4.99. Walgreens price: 2 for $4.99. Not as nice as your clearance price but still a savings! Thanks! :)