Saturday, August 02, 2008

Update on Kenny Loggins Edwin McCain Concert

Finally here are some pics and a few Youtube videos:

Me and my new boyfriend Edwin McCain. I was trying to blend in with the crowd (and not call attention to myself) so I dressed like a commoner and left the crown at home. And to top it off, I wore glasses as a disguise.

My little digital camera doesn't take the best videos but whattdaya want with a digital camera held together with masking tape. At first I noticed the guitarist on the right did a kick at the end of the song and then when I watched it again, noticed that Kenny did a little kick too.

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Anonymous said...

I love Kenny Loggins! I wish I had been with you - AND HOW ABOUT ROWELSBURG, WV!!!!! I first heard about the school here and linked it to two of my favorite blogs and they won $5,000.