Thursday, August 28, 2008

Headline News: I bought water today

Yes, it's true, I bought water today. No, it's not for me to drink though - I don't need store bought water when I have perfectly fine free water that comes out of the faucet (we have well water - that tastes good, so we don't pay for water). But I did get a good deal, a 24 pack of Deer Park water for $2. A little independent grocery store sent me a flyer with a $2 water coupon in it. So the other day I went and bought one. Then when I was leaving, I saw a stack of the flyers at the register, so I took another flyer. I went back today for another 24 pack and in the cart I grabbed, someone left another flyer (and all the flyers from the register were gone). So now I can go back and get another 24 pack for $2.

I figure I can sell them for .50 or $1 a bottle during my next yardsale.


Anonymous said...

Chris: I don't think its unreasonable for you to sell them for a buck each esp. if the weather there is warm. You will be surprised at all the takers you get. Susan

Anonymous said...

I don't understand what having a septic tank has to do with not paying for your water.

Chris said...

I meant we have a well/septic system - therefore the agua is free.