Friday, August 15, 2008

Happiness is.....triple coupons!

I'm a day behind in reading newspapers and ads. But today I saw that a nearby grocery store Shoppers Food Warehouse (probably 15 miles away) was having their first ever triple coupon event - just 4 days long (Thurs, Fri, Sat & Sun). So since DH was home early from work today - I set off with my coupon holder to do bargain hunting. Afterwards I also stopped at Walgreens and got a good deal too.

At the grocery store they only tripled coupons that were .50 or lower. And you could only do a maximum of 4 identical coupons. For instance, I have all those .40 off of French's Potato sticks. But I would only be allowed to use 4 coupons max, not 20. (Bad thing was was that they only had 2 cans of the potato sticks anyway). But the good thing is that say if the item only cost $1.25 and you had a .50 coupon for it - you would get the entire $1.50 off.

I stopped by the customer service desk and asked if they had planned on doing it again and they came right out and said that yes, they would be doing the same promotion next week. But after that, who knows. So now I have a week to get my coupons really organized.

My total before coupons was $66.88 and after coupons it was $28.68. I would take a pic of the receipt but the ink was very faint and it won't take a good pic. As you see, we don't eat the heathiest diet, but hey, if we get sick at least we'll have lots of tissue.

Then at Walgreens I had a coupon to save up to $20 on a OneTouch Glucose Monitor. I saw in their ad they are on sale for $14.99. I bought some other stuff with coupons and clearance items and my total came to $7.92 The bagel crisps were on clearance for .74 each. My receipt says my total savings were $31.09. The cashier got confused at the $20 coupon and called over a manager, who looked at the receipt and looked at the coupon and took the full $20 off, not just $14.99. Who am I to tell them how to do their job. Thankfully I do not need a glucose monitor but will probably sell at my next yardsale.

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Anonymous said...

I really despise shopping at Shopper's .. its just so unfriendly. However, for triple coupons, I will get over it. Glad to know they will do again soon.