Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Yardsale treasures and junk from Saturday

The above pic is some of my yardsale buys from Saturday. Not everything is shown in the pic.

$2 Green depression glass refridgerator dish
.25 ice cream scooper for my collection
.25 Smurf glass
$1 handheld Yahtzee game for Jacob
$1 Radio Shack remote control in the shape of a football (new in package)
$2 metal frog (not a flower frog, a regular frog frog - to put outside for decoration)
.50 Little Black Sambo Golden Book (larger size from the 70's I think), I even bought another kids book just because I didn't want the seller to wonder why I was only buying one book. I also carried around the other book to cover the Sambo book, so other buyers wouldn't say "Oh that is a collectible Little Black Sambo book" very loudly.
.50 twin bedskirt for Jacob's bed
$1 HC cookbook for my mom - Two Fat Ladies Ride Again cookbook (one of the Food TV shows which was cancelled)
.50 vintage shaving stick canister to put alongside my shaving brush collection
.50 vintage Amoco bridge (cards) tally booklet
.50 - old plant waterer - in the shape of a toilet
.25 HP inkjet cartridge (to recycle at Staples for $3 coupon)
$2 Julia Child cookbook
.50 small glass jar Yankee Candle (unused)
.50 three vintage Disney placemats for kids
$1 large roll of metal fencing. To stop my dog from digging under fence.
$2 Fenton Milk Glass candy dish
free - small christmas ornament that looks like a hightop converse all-star

probably the best find of the day: two vintage TV computer games (like the old Atari) but its called Odyssey by Magnavox. Two controllers, one in original box and a ton of games. Price: FREE. The seller said I could have it all if I took everything.

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Marie Braden said...

That copy of Little Black Sambo is exactly the one I had as a child!