Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Some buys from the past week

I went to VV yesterday to get one last thrift shopping fix in before end of school year. Today is the first day of summer vacation for kids here. I don't thrift addictively over summer like I do the rest of the year (too difficult with a 7 year old). Sometimes I manage to sneak in a thrift shopping excursion every once in a while over the summer. And I do continue to hit the yardsales every Saturday.

I found several pairs of shoes yesterday (Born and SAS for resale), Skechers for me and two pairs for Jacob. And this time I'm not going to have to use shoe polish on the suede shoes to turn pink shoes into black/semi grey like I did when I found some pink shoes for him. (go to my blog archives over on the left and find the pink/black shoe experiment from June 14, 2006). And yes, he's already outgrown the pink/black shoes I bought last summer. The shoes at VV are .50 a pair. I also bought a few shirts at .35 each (not in pic)

No, the Berenguer doll is not for my son (he prefers Dora the Explorer anyways). I will put it up on ebay along with my other cheapo Berenguer dolls and see if I can get some doll "reborner" to buy them for much more than I spent. I paid .50 for this one. If you've never heard of Reborn Dolls and the certain type of people who buy them, it's definitely something alright.

The Arizona jeans ($1) are for my son to grow into. And the books (.10 - .25) each are for ebay.

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Adriann said...

I've been checking you out for awhile and wow you inspire me. I just recently started getting into yardsaling and you sight has great tips. TFS!