Monday, June 11, 2007

Mailed off the winning gamepiece today

I stopped at the Post Office today to mail the winning gamepiece off. The contest rules state that it needed to be mailed via Registered Mail. Do they know that Registered Mail cost $9.50? Do you think I'm going to spend $9.50 (plus .41 stamp) to mail off to get Walkie Talkies worth $24.99? (the value was stated in the Rules). So anyways, I just mailed it off with a .41 stamp and if I don't get the walkie talkies, I'll just complain to Kraft. Haha.

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sarah said...

Hi, I found your blog through a link of a blog that was featured in Parents Magazine. Just wanted to say, I love it and thanks for all the tips. I have just spent about an hour reading over everything and I love the coupon/sale idea. Getting stuff for free must feel so great! The only thing is...keeping a close eye on all the adds...
Thanks again!