Sunday, June 17, 2007

Weekend Update

Saturday was a good yardsaling day. Bought a collectible copy of Little Black Sambo for .50 and a green Depression glass refridgerator dish for $2. Most of the stuff is still in the car so I will take a photo tomorrow.

Then in the afternoon, my husband's company had a picnic at a AA Minor League ballpark. It was like a whole day event - buffet picnic lunch, games going on in the outfield, bouncy bounce things for the kids to do. Free beer. No I didn't have any, beer is not my cup of tea. Although in my earlier days, if someone said "free beer" - I was there! And of course, free tickets to the game that night.

So anyway since the game didn't start until 7pm, we had some time to kill so we got our hands stamped and went across the street to go shopping,(Kohl's, Staples etc). And since it was a just a short drive, we drove to Bowie Town Center and walked around (I had never been there). Its an outdoor shopping center that is supposed to have the feel as if you are shopping at Main Street America. Assuming that there's a Victoria's Secret on Main Street in small town America. I don't shop well when I am with my husband and son. I do much better as lone bargain hunter. Didn't buy a thing.

At that point, my husband wasn't feeling good. He's been sick off and on the past week or two. But geez, the game was only an hour away. I felt like telling him to man-up and lets stay for the game or at least part of it. No, instead we left and went home. But we stopped at a deli so he could get a corned beef sandwich, apparently for medicinal purposes.

At the event, all the employees were given $30 gift certificates to spend at the ballfield either for concessions during the game, or for stuff at the souvenir shop. So with the $30, I bought Jacob an overpriced $18 t-shirt (which I am sure I probably could have found eventually for .35 at VV.) Also used the remainder to buy other overpriced stuff. I wanted to take this little guy home, but he wasn't for sale.

It just so happened that on Friday, I took Jacob to a new indoor bouncy bounce place ($6 for all you want to bounce). When we got there, Bob Barker's final episode was starting in the little cafe thing they had for parents, so Jacob sat and watched Bob. Good thing I wasn't paying by the hour to have him bounce. If I had known there was going to be bouncy things at the ballpark, I wouldn't have taken him to the indoor bouncy place the day before. (I would have spaced it out better).

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I missed the Price is Right finale! How was it? Susan C