Thursday, June 28, 2007

Baltimore Inner Harbor today

My husband took the day off so we decided to go to Baltimore's Inner Harbor. Even though we live about an hour and a half way, we hardly ever go there. Well that's gonna change. A month or two ago we joined the National Aquarium of Baltimore as members (they had a family special for 15 months for $124). Considering if we were to pay out of pocket today - it would have cost us $63.85 (plus tax I assume). Two adults with the dolphin show $24.95 ea and one child $13.95. Yikes! So we just need to go one more time by Aug 2008 to make the membership *worthwhile*. Despite what the picture above looks like, the place was packed. Doesn't anybody work?? (That's what I say when I go someplace during the day and there's tons of people.) So even tho we're members, it wasn't exactly free to spend the day there. Parking was $15 and of course the gas to get there isn't free, then add in lunch at the ESPN Zone. But didn't buy anything at the numerous overpriced gift stores sprinkled throughout the aquarium.

So now that I know where to park etc, I'd like to take Jacob there at least a few times on my own, like during the school year when schools are off for some reason or another.

Look at that poor froggy - sure he's dumpy looking but actually naming him that I think is kinda insensitive to his feelings.

Then we took a different way home and ended up in Annapolis. I made my husband stop at Toys R Us there to use a $3 gift card (GC) that Jacob got for being in their birthday club. The card was expiring soon so I had to use it. Bought him a shirt on clearance for $6 - so used the $3 GC and used another GC for the remainder. We use a Toys R Us VISA card (and pay if off every month) and they periodically send us gift cards depending on how much we use the card.

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