Monday, July 27, 2009

Yard Sale Bargains from Saturday

I had a good yardsailing day on Saturday and as usual, bought a bunch of stuff. I love my Super Pickle (I have my original Super Pickle from the 80's, so now I have two).

Went to a moving sale (the elderly couple moved to an upscale senior housing complex). They had friends hold the sale for them. I piled up a bunch of stuff and when I asked the price for all of it (nothing was marked), I was told $3. I got a box full of vintage postcards & souvenir booklets, 2 vintage beach towels, Fenton glassware, a baggy full of men's tie tacks which I forgot to photograph, a ceramic stamp moistener and a vintage Clara Peller Where's the Beef? dish towel.

Other buys:

$2 Jewelry Box
$2 Speak & Spell (collectible - ebay)
$1 Vintage Fisher Price Airplane - ebay
.50 Schlitz Beer tap from 1970 - ebay
.50 Spongebob VHS
$1 20-in-1 tool
.50 Julie and Julia paperback
.50 vintage Ziggy
.05 War button

A few people have asked what my ebay ID is ( but I also put a link over there to the left. I'm currently taking an ebay break, but I should be back selling in a few weeks.

$2 Speed Limit sign (I didn't ask where the seller got it.)
$1 pool bug skimmer
$1 pogo stick
.50 stilts

Another pic of the postcards (click on the pic to enlarge)

Another pic of the jewelry box

Video Link

To see what other yardsailors bought this past weekend, visit Southern Hospitality Blog


Shauna said...

I really like the jewelry box. How have I never heard of a super pickle?? lol

Shara said...

I have my Super Pickle too - and the Super Pickle Book. I alos have Super Banana, but he never did it for me like Super Pickle. ;o)

Chris at said...

I think I have my Super Banana clip somewhere, but I agree Shara, he was no Super Pickle.

And I did sell a pop-up SP book a while ago on ebay, it was a thrift buy and I prefer the plushie over the book so I didn't feel any attachment over the book.

ZDub said...

Nice finds. My Mom has our Speak and Spell, Speak and Read AND Speak and Math in her basement. I wonder if I could get anything for them.

Elizabeth said...

Pretty jewelry box. I love the 'Where's the Beef' handtowel!!

Chris at said...

Zakary - your mom is a smart woman to save all that stuff :) yes, the old Speak & Spells sell - ballpark figure around $30 each if all the keys work properly.

I did sell my Michael Jackson Thriller album for $21

Cass @ That Old House said...

Great fun finds...especially love the jewelry box!

Marie said...

Hello Chris - you hit the mother load! Great finds. I especially love the jewelry box - so fabulous!


~~Carol~~ said...

Love those old postcards, and...I'm ashamed to say that I've never heard of Super Pickle!

Anonymous said...

loved superpickle and superbanana. does anyone remember Monchichi's?

Anny said...

That jewelry box is so pretty!

Monica said...

I dont get rid of anything and I got rid of my superpickle and I have a banana one also!!! :(

Anonymous said...

OMG you brought back memories! I had forgotten about Super Pickle! Like Monica, I had him and Super Banana too once upon a time.


Yard Sale said...

Not sure about the pogo stick, but I would have bought the pool cleaner. Great find!