Saturday, July 04, 2009

God Bless Y'all Real Good

I took this pic the other day and thought it was unusual. I doubt many other churches have this written on their marquee. I would submit it to the Crummy Church Sign Blog but I don't think its 100% "crummy" since there is an explanation. There used to be a Maryland politician who was known for saying "God Bless y'all real good" - so I think the church is just paraphrasing.

Speaking of crummy, I did go yardsailing today, and the sales were pretty crummy. But I did buy a $2 megaphone, which believe it or not, I don't already own one. Will post my buys from yesterday and today - tomorrow.

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Zakary said...

And who doesn't need a megaphone? Chris, I have never thought to myself one time that I might need one, but you obviously are way more prepared than I am. :)

Submit the sign, it's awesome!

Happy Fourth!