Thursday, July 09, 2009

Thrift Store Shopping

Here's what I bought yesterday at Smile. $5 KitchenAid grinder attachment (it will go nicely with $8 avocado green KitchenAid Mixer), $2 Spongebob traffic light, $1 Arizona shorts for Jacob, .50 Jewish dessert book, and .25 vintage Florida plate. I wasn't going to buy the plate, but then I turned it over and saw that it was from Walt Disney Productions.

Mr. Yardsalequeen had today off from work, so no thrifting for me today. We did a little bit of shopping and while he got his hair cut, I walked over to the Big Lots and found some 90% off items. Will post those buys tomorrow.

Gotta run, gotta zone out and watch some Big Brother.


Angelika said...

Haha I love Big Brother!
And the highschool clique thing should make it a lot more interesting!

Oh and can I just say that I visit your blog everyday!
I'm a teenager in Canada and I stumbled upon your blog one day while looking up yard sale tips for my mom.
Before I kind of had preconceptions about what yard sales were like, but I decided to try them out after reading your blog.

They're so much fun! I find the most unique jewelery there, and I never have to go shopping for lotions or bath products because I always have brand new yard sale bath product finds stocked up in my bathroom cabinets. You've also converted some of my friends too, they visited your website and now instead of going to the mall, we go yardsaling every Saturday.
The only issue is deciding who gets the best finds!

Thanks so much,
AB, Canada

ThriftyAnnabella said...

That Spongebob traffic light is so cute. We watch Spongebob every day - big fans.

Chris at said...

Angelika - you are so lucky to have discovered yardsailing so early in life - I really didn't get into it until my mid-20's. And now I think of all that money I wasted when I was young on buying 'new' stuff.

Don't get me wrong, I like spending money but I'd prefer to use it on vacations, restaurant meals, mani-pedi's rather than on "things"

Thrifty Annabella - yes we are a Spongebob house too - if you search my old posts, you can see my Spongebob bathroom!