Sunday, July 26, 2009

Spare bedroom remodeling done on the cheap

Well I think I am done with the spare bedroom remodeling. Except that if I come across a tan or yellow colored queen sized bedskirt anytime soon that would be a good thing. But if not, that's ok. Matchy matchy is so boring. Oh and haven't put the picture frames back up. The Eames-era/mid-century/Danish modern pole lamp is destined for eBay some day. I just don't feel like dealing with shipping it now.

$3 Paint from thrift (Olympia Premium paint in Timeless Taupe)
$2 curtain rod from thrift
Replaced cheap plastic mini-blinds with 2" slat wooden blinds ($3 yardsale). The blinds are nice....they are imported and I believe they come from the exclusive faux-wood forest of China. Nothing but the best for the Queen!
$1 towel rack - July 3rd yardsale buy

The closet is full (surprise surprise), so my guests will have to hang stuff up on the door if they want to hang anything up. Notice the different door knobs - this is a combination "before and after" pic. The one on the left is the old builder's grade 19 year old doorknob. The one on the right is one of the new doorknobs bought at Big Lots at 90% off (paid .79 for the pair of doorknobs. I put the other one on after I took the pic, but wanted to show the difference) It may not look like a huge difference but the doorknob on the left is cheap goldtone plastic and the one on the right is heavy, shiny and new.

The little nightstand was a $5 yardsale buy (but am not using it has a nightstand - the thing on it is a noise machine - yardsale buy of course), the middle dresser is the dresser I had as a child (my parent's bought new. The matching highboy dresser and twin bed are in Jacob's room) . I bought the the vintage vanity on the right at the local auction house for $30 and refinished it. I have the round mirror to go with it, I just never put it on. I don't have any place to put the dusty sewing machine, so it will have to stay there. Under the vanity - where a chair would normally go - I use for storage and have the junk hidden. And get this....I even totally emptied the top drawer of the larger dresser so a guest could put stuff in it. That was a job in itself!

And on the middle dresser is one of my favorite yardsale buys from Saturday. A cherry wood jewelry box with key for $2 (it came in it's original Penney's box). It had some light scratches on the top, but that is what Old English scratch cover is made for.

Well I couldn't hide all the stuff in the room, I left cherished family memories on the bookcase. Like family pics. My favorite Pet Rock. My first ever yardsale buy (the troll on the top shelf, purchased circa 1970 in Latham, NY for .75, my cigar box collection, my Mattel Baby Beans doll, a conch shell taken from the beach in Aruba. I swear it's not clutter. Ok, well maybe the stack of comic books and VHS are.

Will post my yardsale buys tomorrow and I'll show you my Super Pickle.

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What if we don't want to see your pickle? I guess I'll have to shade my eyes. ;)