Monday, July 27, 2009

I get mail

Besides getting an email about every other week from someone telling me that yardsailing is not a word and that I should use spell-checker, once in a while I get a nice email like this (edited for length)

Hi! I want to tell you about the yard sale I had at our house this past Saturday. My husband was not optimistic and repeatedly stated that he'd be happy if I were able to make "at least $100". I SHOWED HIM! LOL! I somehow made over $1200 at my yard sale. read that right. One thousand, two hundred and fifty dollars. I never would have believed it possible if I hadn't done it myself this past weekend! One day. One sale. I was "open" from 7:15am till 2:00pm at which point I started giving things away. I have to tell you that I contribute a lot of my success to your website. Thank you so much!

Jenna B.

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ZDub said...

That's awesome! So nice of her to email you.