Friday, July 24, 2009

Went to a moving sale today

I didn't quite finish my spare room makeover yet. I need to hang the curtains and needed a larger curtain rod. Went to Walmart today and got a cheapy curtain rod. At home, I remembered a while ago I bought a new fancy curtain rod with fancy finials ($2) at Smile that I never used. So I think I will be returning the Walmart one.

And if you think the pic of what was under the spare bed was bad before....just wait until you see the "after" pic, I put the bed up on the bed riser thingies, to increase the storage space.

DH came home a while ago from spending the week working in Syracuse, NY. Despite growing up in upstate NY, I've only been to Syracuse once - and that was at the glamorous Greyhound bus station during a college road trip.

will post pictures later. Hopefully I got some good pics today at the horse farm moving sale.

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