Friday, April 17, 2009

Solomons Island Tiki Bar Reopening

Just got back from having a little afternoon cocktail at the infamous Tiki Bar of Solomons Island, Maryland. DH had half the day off, so we did some shopping/lunching and then stopped for an adult beverage (Even tho their specialty is a Mai-Tai - I prefer a drink they serve called a Kokomo). We couldn't make it an entire afternoon/evening of imbibing, since we have to be home to get Jacob off the school bus. Well theoretically, DH could have left me there and he could have gone home to get Jacob off the bus and then picked me up later. Or I could have found a way home. Not that I even considered doing that, of course. Well maybe a little. Or maybe a lot. Priorities - priorities - I have to have a clear head for tomorrow morning anyway. Yardsales, you know.

The place is a hole in the wall outdoor bar that is open 6 months a year and every year on the third Friday of April, they reopen to a very large crowd. Today is that day. A few years ago, it even was featured on the front page of the WaPo newspaper.

I even got carded today. Woo-hoo!!!! I am still young! I can still be mistaken for an underage 20 year old! I guess I should mention tho, that they did card everyone. But I just know those 24 year old bouncers would have carded me anyway, since I look so young and vibrant.

Surprise, surprise - I did not run into any of my yardsale buddies there. I did see and chat with some people I know from the nuke plant.

Here are pics from earlier this afternoon:

the crowd is still very sparse considering how crowded it will get later (the poor kid in stroller bottom left, can't see a thing). The orange barriers normally aren't there, but they had to re-direct traffic today, hence the barriers.

Across the street, where the boats park:

Driving up to the Tiki, my view on the back of the motorcycle:

Another view on our way to the Tiki (the pic is not bad considering I was on a moving motorcycle)


Here is one of my retail purchases from Myrtle Beach. A shabby chic wall hook thing. Original price $15. I paid $2.59. There was a store at the outlet mall that had stuff really reasonably priced.

And since I was taking pics off my cellphone, here is a pic from the other day. A lamp so ugly I had to take a picture of it. And they priced it at $40!

I am anticipating a good yardsale day tomorrow - weather is perfect, and since I was away the last 2 Saturdays, tomorrow will be like the start of the season for me.

p.s. thanks for all the responses about guessing What My Thing Is. I think someone got it right. I won't say who yet. Will post an update soon.

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