Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Millenium Hotel - Durham, North Carolina - yuck!

Ok, I've dragged out talking about the Myrtle Beach vacation long enough, but I just want to mention the Millenium Hotel in Durham, North Carolina - the hotel we stayed at during our drive home, to warn people to avoid staying there if possible.

I had never stayed at a Millenium hotel before and from the outside it looked nice - there were doormen, fancy looking lobby. But then we got into the room. Yuck. Made me wish I was back at the Country Inn & Suites. The hotel room looked old. But not in a cool, antiquey type of way. None of the drawers in the furniture slid out right (not that I was going to let my clothes touch the inside of the dresser). The heating/AC unit looked old. We had an addition put onto our house in 1993 and for the extra room we had a hotel grade heater/AC unit installed. The one in the hotel room looked much older than ours. With taxes we paid $105 for the night. And no free breakfast. Their breakfast buffet was $12.95. And no warm cookies in the lobby either. Never again.

But what really got me was the bathroom. Here is the infamous toilet seat with the chips in the paint. This throne was definitely below the queen's standards. And it wasn't just the paint chips, the paint on the back of the seat looked like it was starting to bubble up and buckle (my other pic doesn't show the hideousness of it well, so I won't post it). And for your viewing pleasure is just one of the many long black hairs that were on the bathroom ceiling.

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