Monday, April 13, 2009

Day 2 -Wilmington NC - USS North Carolina

On the morning of the second day we left Goldsboro and drove about an hour to Wilmington and toured the USS North Carolina I was so mad at myself because I know somewhere in my house is a coupon to save $1 off adult admissions, but I couldn't find it before we left. I had requested tourist info on Myrtle Beach and the coupon was in one of the books. The booklet got swallowed up by my clutter - it will probably resurface 5 years from now. And wouldn't you know, none of the pamphlets/booklets they give out in NC have that coupon. For some reason, they only advertise in the Myrtle Beach booklets.

DH wanted to tour the ship - he likes watching the History Channel. I thought I would be bored silly, but it was pretty interesting.

It's a self-guided tour, and there are quotes from the sailors all over the ship telling their experiences. In the operating/medical room, this one caught my eye:

Here is a self-portrait of me at the ship. It's a shadow/reflection of the ship in the murky alligator infested water below:

We spent about 2 hours at the ship and then drove another couple of hours to our resort in Myrtle Beach for the 3pm check-in. I will add pics of our resort in another post. It was nice. A 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo in a planned shopping/dining/living community. Back in January when DH said he wanted to go on vacation in April, I just happened to stumble upon the resort's website that said they were having a special that if you booked by Feb. 1, it was 55% off.

By the time we settled in, unpacked and walked around the area, it was getting late and we were getting hungry. I didn't want to go back out for dinner with Jacob, since it was already after 8pm, so I walked over to the PF Changs that was only steps away and got take-out. It smelled wonderful from our patio. I've never eaten at a PF Changs before and wanted to try it. Yes, the interior of the restaurant looked nice. I guess that is what you are paying for - the atmosphere - because I really don't think the food tasted any better than my local Chinese take-out place where I can get a General Tso chicken with a soda for $5.95

It seemed to be a trend on this vacation, eating at places that I probably won't eat at again. End of day 2.


Michele said...

I hear you on PF Changs. Ate there once, left a tip, won't go back. I don't understand why everyone loves that place. I'll take a local Chinese food place any day. Enjoying your vacation stories.

Claudia's Irish Eyes said...

Looks like you have a fun time.