Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Myrtle Beach Vacation (still)

Ok, sorry for that interruption. Now, back to talking about my vacation. Cuz I know you just love to hear about the details of my life.

One day we went to Apache Pier ($2 to park, but it was free to walk the pier since I had free coupons) - normally they charge a $1 to walk the pier. It was very windy that day. While up on the pier, you could just see the sand storm happening below. I have no idea who these ladies are, but it was funny to watch them get caught up in the sand storm. They packed up soon after.

There was a small playground for us to use steps away from our condo:

Another pic taken from Apache Pier. On my message board someone jokingly referred to Myrtle Beach as the Redneck Riviera. I have no idea why they would say that. Just look at these fancy trailers and RVs parked at the campground at the beach.

A view of the condo from across the park/lake.

View of the condo from on top of a parking garage. Picture was taken during one of my morning walks with Jacob. What I really liked about our place was the large patio. As you see in the pic, most people's patios were tiny compared to ours.

The pier at Myrtle Beach State Park

Picture taken by Jacob. I have no idea who these people are but this gives me hope that Jacob's photography skills are improving. It's pretty ironic though, since I have the exact same outfit that that woman is wearing, but in a smaller size, of course.

This is what most of Jacob's pictures look like. I'm afraid he may have inherited the finger-in-the-picture gene from my mother.

Jacob on the large playground that was across the street in the park (a different playground than the one pictured above)

The park had a bunch of these exercise stations, which was cool for me to look at and read about.

In a candy store at Broadway at the Beach. The tubes are all filled with different colored M&Ms. Makes me wonder how old the candy is. I had Jacob hold the big lollipop for the picture. Of course since I am cheap, I did not buy him the lollipop. Just kidding. I bought it but now he has to do his own laundry for the rest of his life (hey, he agreed to it).

Jacob at the beach. As a helicopter parent, it killed me to be this far from him (DH was there and he told me to relax. yeah right. Vacations are for doing, not relaxing.) But Jacob only went up to his waist since the water was like 33 degrees.

In front of the condo. See the green lights? At night the colors would gradually change about every 5 seconds. I took the pic because of the full moon.

Another view of the complex. There were several fountains that were pretty.

On the last day I finally spotted the outdoor chess game.

One day we went bowling at Waccamaw Bowling. Never again. Although they had a special - bowling was only .25 a game, the place is very smoker-friendly. I guess I've just lived somewhere so long that is not smoker-friendly, that I've forgotten what it is like to be indoors at a public place that allows smoking. The below pic is proof that I can still beat my son at bowling.

Yet another view of our condo:

Just so you know I didn't spend the whole time taking pics of the condo, here are some other things we did: went outlet shopping at a Tanger Outlet There were 2 Tanger Outlets in Myrtle Beach but we only made it to one. Yes, you read that right, I shopped retail. Will show what I bought in another post. Bo Bice was going to be giving a free concert at the outlet, but we missed it by a day or two.

I did a little bit of shopping at the resort. Here is the website that shows a lot better pics than mine Market Common Myrtle Beach On my message board a while back, I posted a link to get a free tote bag from Victoria's Secret (the offer is now expired) - so I was able to get my totally free $19.50 Think Pink tote bag. I bought some crepe mix at Williams-Sonoma. I tried on $36 bras at the Soma store. Bought a cupcake at Barnes & Noble. Bought some Cold Stone Creamery. I think that was about it.

Went to Myrtle Beach State Park twice, using the free passes provided by the resort. Went to Toys R Us and bought up the 90% off Valentines Strawberry Shortcake bubblegum for .18 a package that Jacob likes. Also bought him two new PSP games. I have a Toys R Us Visa card that often sends me $10 gift cards based on how much money we've put on the account. I also had a coupon to save $5 off a $25 purchase. So it was good to use all that up, since our nearest Toys R Us is about 45 miles away and we don't get to it very often. Also did some Bed, Bath & Beyond shopping (with coupons of course). Strolled around Barefoot Landing and Broadway on the Beach. And of course did some mini-golfing and DH did some real golfing. I hit one Flea Market that was near the resort. We only had 4 full days there, and we were constantly busy so the time flew.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's update - the end of the trip with my review of the Millenium Hotel Durham (don't let those swanky pics on their website fool ya, I have others....)

p.s. If it looks like I made Jacob wear the same green shirt all are right. haha.


Anonymous said...

It all looks very sophisticated; not red-necky at all. Susan

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WOW! That is a great place to have fun with your friends and family.


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I love it. I find it interesting because of the photo you've shared. Thanks and keep posting.

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