Saturday, April 11, 2009

Not a Typical Saturday

Today was definitely not a typical Saturday. At 7:30am instead of gathering up my list of yardsale addresses and wearing my fanny pack full of quarters, Jacob and I were in an indoor swimming pool in Durham, North Carolina. (DH was back in the hotel room playing PSP (Playstation Portable). He woke up at 6am because he couldn't sleep and thought that playing the PSP wouldn't give off too much light in a dark hotel room. He thought wrong. And nothing about the little damn clicking sounds that thing makes. Not a good sleeping situation for me. So....Jacob and I got up and went swimming. The irony in all this was that part of the hotel was inaccessible since part is used for Duke University's Sleep Disorder Clinic. DH should have asked if they take walk-ins.

Last Saturday (uggh, a SATURDAY of all days) we began our Easter vacation week (personally, I voted to start it on Sunday, but I was denied. I know I missed a lot of great yardsales last Saturday). Schools here are off the week before Easter and the Monday after. The Monday after is a local tradition - since it's when the annual Easter egg roll on the grounds of the White House takes place. As if all the kids around here go. Not.

So here is a quick synopis of our vacation. I will go in depth later, cuz I have a lot to say (and complain - haha - about.)

Saturday - drove to Goldsboro NC and spent the night in a Country Inn & Suites. Had famous North Carolina BBQ for dinner. Had famous North Carolina indigestion at 3:50am.

Sunday - drove to Wilmington NC and toured the USS North Carolina (something DH wanted to do), Afterward we drove to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, where we stayed in 2 bedroom 2 bath condo rental. It was larger than our first apartment when we lived in Charleston, SC. Which I wanted to make a day trip to, but again I was denied. But on the positive side, that means I didn't have to put up with an additional 4 hours of listening to DH call every other driver on the road a &?!^#{@ or a $#@?%!! or even a &?!^#{@ - $#@?%!!.

Monday, Tues, Wed, Thurs - spent a total of 5 nights at our luxury condominium vacation rental surrounded by the finest shopping and dining options in Myrtle Beach. Upscale, urban and cool, it is Myrtle Beach's newest shopping, dining & lodging destination. That is how the brochure described the rental. They were right - it was the perfect destination for someone as urban, upscale and cool as moi. Even though Myrtle Beach has a lot of nice resorts and nice golf courses, DH still calls it a white trash capitol. There are lots of tacky, not upscale, places in Myrtle Beach too. Speaking of which, I never made it to The Yard Sale Store. I am bummed.

We checked out Friday morning and drove to Durham, North Carolina to spend the night at a hotel. We could make the drive to and from Myrtle Beach in one day, but we were not in a rush. I don't think I'll ever go back to the hotel we stayed at. They claimed to offer impeccable facilities and standards of service (according to their website). I was not impressed. I saw several long stringy black hairs stuck to the ceiling of the bathroom. The toilet seat looked like it was much older than Jacob. Pics to follow.....yes, I took pics.

So long story short, we left Durham this morning around 9am and got home around 2pm.

And I was glad to see that it was raining here in Maryland, so that means most of the yardsales that were scheduled for today were probably postponed.

I took a ton of of pics, which I have not transferred to my computer yet. Will post more about our trip at a later date.

Whiskey was cared for by his other adopted family that lives in the neighborhood. That was my reason in all the vet visits lately. I wanted to make sure he wasn't about to kick the dog bowl.

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Michele said...

Looking forward to seeing the pictures but not of the toilet seat or long, stringy hairs (yuck!). It wasn't raining on Saturday morning - it was POURING! If I were a bettin' woman, and I am, I'd bet that all yardsales were cancelled yesterday if there were any. None to be found here in Vienna anyway. Glad you had a fun vacation.