Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Anyhow, I want to introduce Bob.

Oh I forgot to mention, I got a new dog. His name is Bob. He looks amazingly like my old dog Whiskey. Here is his picture. This is not Whiskey, it is Bob. Maybe they were twins separated at birth. I will take Bob to get a free rabies shot (I think its due soon anyway) and a $5 dog license, as Bob, of course, since that is his name. And microchipped as Bob, the next time I see some humane organization holding a microchipping event. That way if *Bob* ever winds up at that awful animal shelter, he will be looked upon as a first time offender. Not a repeat offender, which causes the reclaiming fee to skyrocket the more times he is reclaimed. I wanted to name him D'ohji (spelled d-o-g for short, but DH doesn't like that name. He is not crazy about the name Bob either, but he'll come around.

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Regina said...

Maybe you could call him Bourbon, to carry on the Whiskey tradition. :)