Thursday, December 11, 2008

Peach Pie, hold the mold...

I did a bunch of shopping today and went to the library. Our library now rents out Playstation 3 games for free. Anyhow I was at Giant and I always have to check out the day-old (or week old??) cart and I spotted the above peach pie, with a big glob of mold right there in the center. Ewww... I didn't bother telling anyone, since the day-old cart is near the deli and the deli guys were busy and the bakery is in another part of the store. So...buyer beware when shopping.

I'm actually pretty obsessive/compulsive about dates on things at the grocery store. I pretty much check the dates on nearly everything I buy (things like canned foods, cereals, pasta etc). Did you know there is even dates printed on 2-liter bottles of soda? The other week my OCD was temporarily in remission and I forgot to look for the dates and I accidently bought "old" soda. I knew the minute I tasted it, something wasn't right. Sure enough, when I checked the date, it was very near the "sell by" date. I took it back (I had bought four 2-liters) to be exchanged for fresh soda. For instance, now the 2-liters I am buying have a Feb.09 date on them.

My deal today came was at CVS. This week they have Maybelline lipsticks - all Buy 1 Get 1 Free. A few weeks ago, there were coupons in the newspaper for $4 off any Maybelline lipstick (I had several coupons). I got a bunch of lipstick for free today. I may go back tomorrow since I have more coupons.

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Anonymous said...

i got 7 free lip glosses at bath and body works last wk.
printed them off the internet. the manager let me redeem all. for qualifying purchases, i bought $1 nail files and $1.50 mini-hand sanitizers.
love your blog.
thanks for the awesome job and tips. =)