Sunday, December 21, 2008

Double & Triple Coupons at Shoppers Food Warehouse

I had intended to have a relaxing day at home today, catching up on reading the newspapers and maybe wrapping some presents. Well when I opened today's newspaper I saw that Shoppers Food Warehouse was having double & triple coupons again thru Wednesday.

Then I spotted all the deals that CVS was having for free items (using ECBs - Extra Care Bucks). So I spend all afternoon at the stores.

At CVS I ended up with 4 Listerines, 2 nailpolishes and 1 Ecedrin for free. I planned on hitting another CVS for the items that my store was out of, but never got around to it. I spent a lot of time at Shoppers Food Warehouse.

Once again I had a cartload of stuff. I had my DH's cellphone on me, (not my own with the good camera) so I didn't get a pic of the full cart. And too lazy to photograph it at home.

My total before coupons was $231.58 and after coupons it was $76.71. For a savings of $154.87

At the end, the cash register spit out a coupon for ".50 off my next purchase" but it was going to expire 1/4/09. Since I wasn't sure if I'll be back to that grocery store soon, after I put the groceries in the car, I went back to the store to use that .50 coupon.

I picked up a package of vanilla creme cookies for Jacob and went thru the self-checkout lane. I really hate those self check-out lanes, especially since they aren't easy when it comes time to redeeming coupons. Well a cashier had to help me with it and ended up paying 0.00 for the cookies.

I really should be happy that I "saved" $154 today. But I'm irritated with myself. After I got home and was putting away the food, I spotted a coupon to save $10 off a $50 order at Shoppers Food Warehouse that I had stuck on the refrigerator door. Ugghghgh...I hate when that happens!

New Years Resolution for 2009: Get coupons organized.


Anonymous said...

You might be able to return to the store and go to customer service with your coupon. We usually let customers do that at Giant!

zakary said...