Friday, December 19, 2008

Holiday Countdown - 4 days til Festivus!

Only 4 more days til Festivus. I found this video today, it's all about the Festivus airing of grievances and about 50 seconds into it, you'll see one of the grievances is that someone smells like a thrift store. I am glad I don't have to shop at stinky thrift stores. My stores don't stink.

Update on JC Penneys, I had to go back today and the person next to me had a $10 coupon plus a 15% off coupon and the cashier told them they could only use one or the other. So it seems Penneys finally figured out they were losing a lot of money accepting both discounts on one transaction.

1 comment:

zakary said...

OH NO! At least I used mine before they figured it out!